Wooden Furniture Refinishing Service; Tables, Pianos, Bedroom Sets, etc.


FingerLakes Restoration, the finest furniture refinishing company east of the Mississippi River, has established a reputation for excellence unmatched in the industry. Since 1979, our success is firmly rooted in our dedication to providing our customers with unparalleled craftsmanship and quality restoration service. Our passion refinish and restore old and/or used wood furniture pieces to their original condition.

Experienced Refinishers of Damaged Furniture Pieces

In addition to delivering dramatic results, FingerLakes Restoration offers convenience by performing many repairs on-site in your home or office. We provide home and business owners an affordable alternative to replacing fine wood furnishings and fixtures.

Many people ask, why restore the finish on ones furniture? Because it will enhance the value of your wood furniture pieces as well as retaining the authencity and sentimental value of your furniture. Best yet, it will only cost a fraction of the price to replace it. FingerLakes Restoration has the expertise to refurbish your wooden furniture the right way. Integrity, craftsmanship and pride are part of every furniture refurbishing job we handle.

For a free estimate, please fill out our refinishing furniture estimate form or call us at 1-607-546-5333.

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