<p><font face="Verdana, Arial">Welcome to the Furniture Restoration Picture Framing. cannot excellent piano refinishing is our bag, man. Restoration and do it yourself custom wood furniture repair. Reference and repair antique furniture. Things for the Refinisher or Restorer. See our section of replies to questions people have asked. We have lots of wood refinishing antique furniture (and growing) of information and tips for stripping and refinishing stained and finished wood furniture. We move on to staining and restoration furniture a clear finish. In a hurry Provides pianos antique refinishing furniture restoration wood refinish repair department service. Try our antique furniture repair section, just the bare bones information. Should you Refinish or Restore? Maybe a good cleaning and removing old wax and polish buildup will refinish piano wonders for an old piece of furniture or antique. See the new antique wood furniture refinishing. We have some pages concerning Cleaning Wicker, Refinishing Wicker and a general page on Wicker. Orange Oil. furniture restoration and Wax. refurbishing antique wood finish. Satin Finishing Wax. Wunderfil Wood Filler. Click below to visit another page of our web site. Your skin can really take a beating from the chemicals necessary for stripping and refinishing. Be sure to take a look at the page on wood furniture refinishing and Skin Care and prepare for the inevitable cracked or Furniture Restored or vinyl glove. The chemicals are harsh on the gloves too. Be sure to visit our furniture finishing repair new england shop, it's an index of all of our pages, with descriptions and links to the pages. We have a page with pictures and descriptions of, clear furniture finish material with pages for the the other types of furniture refinishing materials coming soon. Furniture Refinishing, kitchen cabinet refacing refinishing, picture framing, wicker rattan, Chair Caning, Picture Framing, Refinish, Restore, Restore wicker, rush, cane. The furniture refinishing materials we suggest and recommend are the types and brands which we have used and have experienced good results. We've opened a Shopping Center for your convenience and to help pay the bills for the free information. All of the participating merchants will have merchandise related to furnitures repairable, how refinishing furniture and the home inside and out. We have some good suppliers of refinishing supplies that are restored Hoosier Cabinets new york. new jersey. new england. new hampshire. Looking for antiques pennsylvania vermont connecticut maine delaware maryland in NY state wooden tool easily renovated ny nj pa vt ct me nh dein a md. Kitchen Queen hoosier cabinet kitchen Restore Furniture. Are you restoring a hoosier cabinet (also known as a kitchen queen and several other names) and need parts? Visit our catalog section many parts are available there. Other restoration material too. dining room set restoration. dining room set refinishing. dining room set refurbishing. dining room set renovation. dining room set repair. dining room set touch up. dining room table restoration. dining room table refinishing. dining room table refurbishing. dining room table renovation. dining room table touch up. We restore furnitures.bedroom set restoration. bedroom set refinishing. bedroom set refurbishing. bedroom set renovation. bedroom set repair. bedroom set touch up. Painted patio furniture really comes back to life with a fresh coat of paint, and it's easy to do, more inside. Unfinished Furniture. Preparing and finishing finished furniture can be a real bonus discount over the price of finish furniture. Our renovations to furniture tables and chairs has links to suppliers of refinishing materials, reed and cane supplies for chair seats and wicker repair. We also have links to new furniture, wood, leather and wicker. Childrens bedroom furniture is one of our first. Watch for weathervanes, sundials, bird baths and some other interesting items too. We'll try to add some history and furniture refinishing advice facts as well as purchasing information. Never an obligation, just take a look for the interesting information. Visit the refinishing wood furniture Center home page for more Hand and Skin Care. Just a quick note on hand and skin care. See our Hand and Skin Care page for more repair furniture scratches. Stripper can strip the oils from wood furniture restoration even more quickly than it strips an oil finish from a piece of furniture. Even calloused lumberjacks aren't immune from this problem. Would you believe furniture refinishing and repairs. Balm is one of the best products for skin care when you're stripping! Ask any furniture refinishing company. Actually I've never carried on a very deep conversation with a Restore but I've read what farmers have to say and has always sworn by Bag Balm protection on her hands when she was stripping furniture. Try our search for quality renovations of furniture, finishing repair materials to be sure you get all the refinishing information you need from our site. The site search engine is located at the bottom of each page. Satisfying Experience Furniture refinishing and antique restoration is a very satisfying experience as well as money saving. More Info Restoring antiques, and a few asides about marble, particle board, plastic and anything else that comes to mind concerning your furniture. This web site will be like the kitchen, never static and never completed. There is always more information to share and as requests for additional help come in they create a new furniture refurbishing business! I've got to add that to the web site. The main limitation is time. We'll add information as quickly as possible, so come back furniture repair & restoration. You will see frequent references to material and supplies. We recommend several products that we have used over the years and have had good results with. There will be some products shown that we haven't used and we'll let you know when that happens. Wicker and rattan in the living room is difficult to work with, but not impossible, we have some tips for it too, for example, Cleaning Wicker and Refinishing Wicker. fingerLakes and Antiques is an awful lot of particle board used in furniture now days, and a piece of refinishing furniture with particle board in it will never become an antique, so we need antique furniture restoration all the wood furniture we can for the sake of antiques in the future. nursery, family room, Bedroom, Dining Rooms and more have lots of free tips for working with baby furniture, office furniture, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture and types of strippers. renovation furniture with Wood have spent a lifetime, both puttering with, and being serious about wood. My had a Furniture Repair and Refinishing business for 20 years before we discovered that life was easier on the internet. Fountain Restoration Search our site for more repair antiques and repairs information.</font></p>

Welcome to Finger Lakes Restoration web site. We are a family owned and operated business providing quality furniture restoration, piano refinishing and furniture repair services since 1979. We specialize in all types of wood furniture with a special emphasis on antique pianos. Owner Ralph Diliberto's goal has been to ensure the complete satisfaction of every customer while offering knowledgeable and friendly service.

At Finger Lakes Restoration, furniture restoration is our specialty. Furniture that was once worn, cracked, and broken are brought back to life to their original beauty. Many people ask, why should I decide to renovate or restore my furniture. I tell them because it will enhance the value of your century old
antique wood furniture. It will retain the authencity and sentimental value of your furniture. It will also cost a fraction of the price to
replace it.

Our furniture refinishing services will enhance the value of your wooden furniture as our craftsmanship allows your pieces to retain their authencity and sentimental value. Refurbishing your furniture also costs a fraction of the price it would take to replace it.

We guarantee to take care of your sentimental and cherished possesions as if they were our own. Call us today at (607) 546-5333 and let us bring out the beauty in your home's furniture.

FingerLakes Furniture Repairs, Refinishing & Restoration